Why It is Important to Find Yourself if You Want to Live A Fulfilling Life

Have you ever gotten lost? Either in the physical or psychological sense. Psychologists say that to find yourself, you must first get lost. They have established that it is an essential step in self-discovery and finding meaning in life.

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I began the journey of finding myself after my 25th birthday. After that day, I started to panic. I was not growing any younger, yet, I had nothing to show for it.

Even though it was two years after my graduation, I was still unsure what I wanted to do with life. There was no stability in my professional life as I was still jumping from one career to the next. I guess it was because none of them gave me the fulfillment I wanted.

I had no direction whatsoever, not in my professional life or my love life. And as such, my life lost meaning. I saw that I was running out of time. From my perspective, my life wasn't how I had envisioned it when I was younger.

In trying to establish myself and make a name for myself, the pressures to succeed and the responsibilities knocking on my door made me feel completely lost.

After shutting myself out from the outside world for close to three months, I realized that I was the only person who could redeem myself.

I needed to take back my life before losing it permanently.

I started writing about my experiences and realized I was lifting some of the baggage I had held onto for far too long.

Is it an Easy Process?

From experience, I can tell it's not. Also, Jennifer Carter, a psychologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, agrees that finding yourself is not easy.

According to her experience, the complexity of human nature makes it difficult to measure when the process is done and the fact that we constantly keep learning new things about ourselves.

It is important to say, though it is not an easy process, it is worth the effort at the end of the day.

Why is Knowing Yourself Important?

Wisdom is only gained when you truly understand who you truly are.

For you to be a valuable person to the environment around you, your partner, your children, and even yourself. You have first to know who you are. What drives you, your values, beliefs, motivations, and most importantly, what you have to offer.

It is a process that involves breaking down and shedding all those layers that do not serve you well and building up on what you want. It also involves taking back your power while simultaneously being vulnerable to your experiences.

Finding yourself is crucial as it allows you to

Ø Make sense of your past

Ø Differentiate the things that influence your life

Ø Seek meaning and find purpose in life

Ø Think about what you want

Ø Recognize your power

Ø Silence your inner critic

Ø Practice generosity and compassion

Ø Know the value of contentment and gratitude

Finding yourself is essential to growth as it gives us a new perspective on life. As we go through the various stages that life has to offer. Let's keep the fire burning by constantly reinventing ourselves.

The journey of self-discovery is all about finding the things that bring fulfilment.

Remember, you may not have all the answers to what you want or are looking for. The critical thing is that you're on the path toward being the best version of yourself.­



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