How to Actually Be Happy Being a single Woman in 2022

Doris Kono
4 min readJul 19, 2022

Being single and happy is not as strange as some of us have been made to think. Ever since we were young, society conditioned us to believe that we can only find fulfilment and achieve our life’s purpose when in a relationship.

Image courtesy of Pexels

Due to this conditioning, women have stayed in abusive, unhappy relationships for fear of being judged.

What will people think if I leave my marriage!

What kind of life am I going to live without so and so in my life!

I can never be happy!

Being a woman in my 20s living alone and single in 2022, I am here to tell you that it is not that bad on this other side.

From experience, I am telling you that you can still live a happy life and one that is full of fulfilment even when you’re not in a relationship.

Being single is a season that we should all embrace as it comes with several benefits that include the following:

Ø You get to call all the shots

Ø It’s a catalyst for growth

Ø You get to have more time for yourself

Ø It allows you to cultivate non-romantic relationships

Ø You develop a strong relationship with yourself

Ø It gives you the chance to figure out what you want in life

Ø You learn how to hold yourself accountable

As you can see, being single comes with many benefits, but the question is what things can one do to live a happy life as a single woman in 2022.

Well, continue reading to find out more.

1. Date Yourself

During this season, you must shower yourself with the love you would expect to receive from that special someone and the one you will give back.

Go out on solo dates, buy yourself flowers, visit all those fantastic places you’ve always dreamed of, and focus on all the good things life has to offer.

2. Be Content

The first key to being happy in every life season is being contented.

Contentment allows you to be grateful. You also get to focus more on what you have than what you don’t.

When you focus on what you don’t have, you start feeling ungrateful. And ungratefulness is terrible as it sucks the joy out of life.

You develop the negative mentality that nothing works in your life. And with this way of thinking, nothing good will come out of your life.

However, when you focus on what you have, you will start seeing all the good things happening around you.

Therefore, as a single woman, make it your business to count your blessings daily.

Be grateful for the people you have, the things you have, and everything good in your life.

When you appreciate what you already have, God qualifies you for even more blessings.

3. Start Living

The majority of us are alive but not living.

‘what does she mean?’ some of you are wondering.

Well, through social media, we are watching people live their lives and live ours through their lens.

This isn’t good, especially for us single women, as we hold off doing some things because we are waiting to do them with our partners, Partners who we do not know when they will show up.

So, I hope you will not wait for five more years to do the things that excite you.

Don’t be afraid to live your life while you’re single. You never know what good can come out of it.

4. Set Goals and Focus on Your Growth

Being single allows you to focus on your goals and growth and hold yourself accountable.

You can use this season to go after what you want in life, as nothing will be holding you back.

Whether it’s a personal or financial goal, go for it.

Also, reflect on how far you’ve come every time you achieve a goal; this will give you the motivation to continue pushing.

5. Make Time to Build Non-romantic relationships

While single, be proactive when it comes to building meaningful non-romantic relationships. Reconnect with your family members and friends.

According to clinical psychologists, social connection is good for your mental health.

The Bottom Line

Whether single or in a relationship, we all deserve personal self-love that is not tied to romantic relationships.

Being in a relationship with someone who loves, values, and respects you is terrific. But nothing beats the feeling of knowing you love yourself enough.

I hope this post has given you enough reasons to enjoy your season of singleness.