7 Ways to be Content With Your Life

We all have reached a point where we allowed feelings of inadequacy to creep in. Initially, when I used to open my social media apps and see my friends getting married, having children, and rising in their career ranks, that feeling always crept in.

It was so bad that it reached a point I had to delete these apps as my mental health was at stake. Somehow, it worked, and I could focus on my growth.

During these dark moments, I realized that I was self-sabotaging due to comparison. I was not contented with what I had. That’s why I saw that other people had better lives, better careers, and had their life figured out while I was not.

We may have everything we prayed for but still see it’s not good enough. Often it causes us to have that feeling of being on a hamster wheel searching for happiness. Sometimes ending up placing our hope and happiness in unnecessary things hoping they will give us contentment.

Some of you may wonder, ‘what are some ways I can be content with my life.

Continue reading as we explore some of the ways to achieve contentment.

1. Get rid of the belief that your life isn’t worthy

Wrong and misplaced beliefs are some of the things hindering you from living a content life. When your views tell you that everyone else is living a better life than you, comparison creeps in. This feeling limits you from seeing what God is doing in your life or what you have achieved so far. In turn, it creates room for jealousy.

And we all have got no time for that!

Therefore, you must release all those negative beliefs about your life. Your life is just as worthy as the people you’re comparing up against.

2. Stop Focusing on your Weakness and start Highlighting your strengths

I am not a good writer. All my pitches get rejected. I failed my A levels. Most of us spend so much time focusing on our weaknesses and failures that we start comparing and tearing ourselves down.

It is crucial to identify your strengths to live a content life. Yes, I may not be a good cook, but I am a great homemaker. I may not be a good writer at the moment, but there is a chance to improve my writing through practice.

When you identify your strengths and start appreciating and focusing on them more, you become content with your life. It even gives you the zeal to work on those areas of life that may not be working out.

3. Meditate on the Word of God

The word of God is the truth and way of life. Meditating on this truth has the power to change our hearts.

Hebrews 13:5, “Keep your life from the love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Clearly, without God, you will forever be on the hamster wheel, trying to feel yourself with the world’s view of success and happiness.

4. Pause, Breathe, Restart

Sometimes, you need to pause!

To breathe! Shall we all take a deep breath!

We all have different scripts. It is okay to have your life not figured out. It is okay that you are at the starting point even when others are nearing their finishing line.


And when you’re ready, press play.

5. Practice Gratitude and start a mindfulness journal

Gratitude and mindfulness journaling allows us to see and appreciate the world around us. When we compare ourselves, we forget to see the good things happening in our lives. The obstacles that we have overcome and the things we have achieved.

Journaling allows us to take back control of our lives by giving us a more optimistic outlook.

A gratitude journal will help you to express your appreciation for things, emotions, and people you feel grateful to have. A factor that increases the ability to improve your life emotionally, mentally, and physically.

6. Have a personal Growth Metric

Do you ever look back to where you once were and check your current position?

It is essential to have a growth mindset. When you include this in your life, you’re saying that I am not where I used to be so I need to be contented with the person I am right now as I work to better myself even more.

Do you love seeing how far you have come? Well have a growth metric that will help audit your life

7. Reflect

Always reflect on your life to see what is tearing you down and stealing your contentment.

It may be that you have misplaced your values. Perhaps you’re looking for validation and acceptance in the wrong people or places.

Use this reflection time to align your life.

Comment on the tips that have helped you live a contented life.



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